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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Don't Miss Out


I haven't heard Vetiver before, and chances are neither have many people -- and that's a shame. Vetiver is the project of San Francisco folk musician, Andy Cabic. Cabic has had some exposure opening for and playing with folk singer, Devendra Banhart, but it looks like he's finally making a name for himself. His forthcoming (third) album, To Find Me Gone has recently leaked, and is gorgeous.

Cabic kind of sounds like Eels meets M. Ward, with a bit more pop than those two. Most folk music can be slow, sullen and, for lack of a better word, BORING, but Cabic has overcome that, creating something both interesting and catchy. This album deserves mountains of praise, and should be heard by everyone. Below are a few songs and links to check him out. The album will be released by
Dicristina Stair on May 15th. If you like it, buy it. I know I will.

(songs will only be up for a maximum of seven days)

Vetiver - "Won't Be Me"

Vetiver - "Idle Ties"

Vetiver's myspace

Vetiver Official Site


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