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Monday, May 01, 2006


There is a new, relatively unknown artist who is coming out with a new album. Sure, people might know OF him, but they don't know much ABOUT him. Some might say that he has only been able to spread his art because of who he knows, or that he's slept his way to this level. Well, I think his art speaks for itself, and once you watch this, I think it's safe to say no matter who you are, you will agree. He's also a very considerate individual, as he does some sign language and lip syncing for the deaf people that might be watching. Reeeeaaallll simple.

We like?

On a serious note though, I found a pretty sweet live Fiery Furnaces video on YouTube. I personally love all of their stuff -- even Rehearsing My Choir, the album where Olga Sarantos, Eleanor and Matt Friedberger's grandmother sings -- but I can understand why some people wouldn't. Well, seeing them live is a completely different, yet equally astonishing experience. Apparently Matt hasn't been playing keyboard of late, taking the guitar instead, adding to more rocking out. This video is from Cornell University earlier this year, "Single Again":


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