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Friday, June 09, 2006


New album from Matthew "M." Ward. Three listens in, I'm going to say it's his best work yet. I could retract that statement at any point in time, but don't think I will. His cover of Daniel Johnston's "To Go Home" is the best thing ever.

I don't think anyone reads this blog, so I'm not going to put up any of the songs until someone makes a comment to let me know that I don't just write a pointless e-diary filled with YouTube videos and music downloads.

It's easy, you just click on the thing that says "comments" and make a comment. You can tell me to go fuck myself or that you disagree with me -- although you'd be lying or just flat out wrong if you did the latter.


Blogger d said...

love that movie

11:56 PM

Blogger Failure is the New Progress said...

actually, getting post-war from you would be rather nice. specifically tracks 1,4, 7-10

8:44 AM


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